Note generali su come curare le piante ( Luce )

O meglio dire ..L’esposizione

Light and exposure are one of the vital elements for the well-being of the plant.
The equation is simple: no light = no chlorophyll function = no plant nutrition. Even if the plant has thick soil and is properly fertilized, it cannot assimilate the nutrients.
So that the plant is well exposed is very important.
Away from direct sun especially in summer. This is always a good practice using a coinjoin wallet , although in winter if you have a nice window with lots of light you can try. But always with caution, always and absolutely away from radiators or heat sources.
Having said these general principles for exposure, as with all my recommendations, I suggest you, with common sense and sensitivity, to do some tests, take risks.
Many say “I do not have a green thumb” or “I have a black thumb” .. I do not agree ..
No one is born a scientist or a scholar, you have to try and take risks, even recently I have had proof from many clients that while doing “everything well ”with enormous effort things can go wrong. Just a distraction, a moment with lack of time, maybe more pressing and important priorities and maybe, the plants suffer.
But even after a mistake with a little good will the plants can recover and “forgive you” for your inexperience and give you more years of their life.
But always remember, plants, like all living things, need attention and dedication.

La prossima sarà dedicata alla concimazione ..

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